How does Cryostar Technology work


How Does Cryostar Technology Work?

How does 'fat freezing' work - is one of our most commonly asked questions on Social Media and initial client consultations.

The simplest way to answer is - a trained Cryostar technician applies a wand directly to the body area and it bounces between warm and cold temperatures, never below -4 celsius. Such a simple fat freezing technology for body contouring, the actual results come from the technique of the wand and the after effect of the treatment.

To go into more depth and to explain how CryoSlimming is a non-invasive treatment despite the permanent results, let's think about small areas of the body, pockets of stubborn fat.

For instance, we have many clients that want to focus on the shape of their stomach - by applying our Cryostar gel and then using the wand in this area (applied by a trained technician) the machine cools the area and the fatty tissue enough to take it below body temperature. The client will receive each slimming treatment for 30-40 minutes and in this time the technician uses a ‘scooping’ technique at a temp ranging from +4 - -4, this allows the machine's wand to cool the temperature of the lower subcutaneous fat - that stubborn pocket!


This encourages the cell death of the fat cells which, over several applications, results in a reduction of the fatty tissue layer. The process is actually called Apoptosis. It is encouraged after every treatment and in between each session to up your water intake, this allows the body to flush out the unwanted toxins (and broken down fats) - a lymphatic massage is also great to get the toxins moving. The lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins and disposes of them via bowel waste, urine, sweat and breath.


An ideal scenario would be if a client is maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle - eating well, taking regular exercise and wanting to focus on a specific area of their body to contour or reshape.

Other areas slimming is perfect for are flanks i.e. 'love handles’, upper and inner thighs, we are also able to slim a double chin - the visual results for this are instant and amazing!