Fit and Healthy workout partners


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcoming the ANTI New Year Resolutions

I’m Karen, part of the Cryostar Beauty HQ Team. Over the coming weeks I am going to be blogging about Health, Wellbeing and being KIND to yourself. As a way of an introduction I have been working behind the scenes, launching Cryostar Beauty in the UK for the past year - through a Pandemic! It hasn’t been plain sailing with the Beauty Industry closing and opening and hanging in limbo, oh and 4 tiers! But we have definitely given it our best.

Fit and Healthy workout partners


We recommend all of our Cryostar Beauty retailers work with clients who will commit to their fitness long term. This can start by spending as little as 10-20 minutes stretching and increasing day to day walking - for clients that want to use our fat freezing treatments this is an important commitment to assist with the permanent loss results.

Help yourself to stay accountable and download an app, this will visibly track your progress and watch it increase as the weeks go by - some suggest tasks that will improve your health and fitness. It will also give you a ball part when checking which exercises and tasks are really helping you. Look at the Peloton App - no machine/bike required and currently offering 2 months free (December 2020).

Joe Wicks is still a national hero from the first UK lockdown and all his series “Wake up with Joe” are saved on his youtube channel. This is a great place to start and family friendly - fitness does not need to be a lonely task.

no makeup women
no makeup women


Learn what your skin type is and set yourself a simple routine that will work for you. Throw away out of date products, donate unopened and unused items you no longer want, finish the products you have started. AVOID fad routines.

At Cryostar we offer a facial and it is one of our most popular treatments to recreate a ‘face lift’. There are no products, routines or fad routines involved; the machine wand simply reaches temperatures ranging between 1 and 6 celsius. We love brands like FaceGym who offer products like Multi Sculpt - this would be a great at home addition to our CryoFacial.

A couple of skincare book suggestions are by Ingeborg Van Lotringen - beauty and lifestyle journalist and brand consultant as well as the infamous Skincare Queen Caroline Hirons book Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide.


2020 has taught us to be kinder to each other and support the local community. There are so many ways to volunteer and get involved.

  • On the internet - share posts from local charities, create online fundraisers.
smiling women with balloon


Make life simple this year, self care all the way!

Lower your caffeine intake - swap tea for Hot Water with Lemon and Ginger in the morning.

Try Ice Rolling, using cool temperatures like the basis of Cryostar Toning it is a way to encourage circulation and boost collagen.

Set yourself a goal a day or week - write a list. No matter how small or large, it’s an achievement when you can tick it off the list.

Let’s start 2021 on a positive and be ready for anything!


Operations Director