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Cryostar fat freezing Before & after Results!

Before signing up to try any new beauty treatment we here at Cryostar recommend doing your homework. Ensuring that you feel comfortable with what the treatment will entail, how it will feel and if it’s the right treatment for you, is so important. Knowing that you will get the results you desire is also really important. To help you decide which Cryostar treatment is the right fit for you, we’ve put together a collection of before and after pictures, from the results our lovely clients have seen with their fat freezing treatments.

Client A - Zoe

Zoe has a balanced diet and exercises lightly each week. Nearly reaching menopausal age, she experiences unwanted bloating symptoms. After a course of 5 CryoSlimming sessions focusing on the waist and stomach Zoe was able to lose a couple of inches. The results fluctuated slightly due to the bloating Zoe experiences, but overall Zoe dropped one jean size and was visually slimmer as shown in these before and after pictures.

CryoSlimming before and after

Client B - James

As a keen gym goer, spending at least 3 hours most days at the gym and a very health conscious strict vegan who eats lots of protein, James only had a small amount of fat he wanted to lose. That stubborn fat around the belly that a lot of men struggle to shift. There was a little bit of loose skin from previous weight loss that James also wanted to get rid of.

The treatment program agreed with James to maximise fat reduction as much as possible, was a course of 4 CryoSlimming treatments and 6 CryoToning treatments.

The last session of the CryoSlimming course was converted to a CryoToning session as it was agreed there was minimal fat left to lose and James would benefit more from another CryoToning treatment instead.

The areas of focus for both fat reduction treatments was the belly and the sides. The before and after results speak for themselves - The stomach appears much flatter, the sides straighter and the skin was much tighter. Overall waist reduction of 1 inch.

Client before and after tape measure

Client C - Sarah

Due to being a new mum Sarah has a busy active lifestyle in general, so she doesn’t include any intense exercise in her routine. Sarah has a balanced diet and does not drink any alcohol.

A few months after giving birth Sarah started a course of Cryostar treatments aiming to target stretch marks, to tone up and lose some of the weight she had gained whilst being pregnant.

The course agreed with Sarah was 5 CryoSlimming Treatments and 5 CryoToning treatments, alternating between the two each week.

At the end of the ten weeks, as the before and after pictures show below - Sarah has achieved belly fat reduction and tightened skin all around the belly, stretch marks had also decreased with toning sessions. Sarah was really pleased with a reduction in waist size from 32” to 35” by the end of the course.

Client C before and after 4 picture block

Client D - Cathy

In her late thirties Cathy main concern was the eye area. She was looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten the overall appearance.

Cathy went with the recommended treatment of 9 CryoFacial sessions. The therapist, using the smaller applicator head for the CryoFacial, was able to really focus on those problem areas. It’s clear from the below before and after pictures the results were as desired - Fine lines on the forehead have decreased, the eyes are brighter and the client has seen an overall lift to the skin on the face and neck.

Before and After Facial

Client E - Jade

Jade is a very active woman who maintains a healthy diet and regularly has massages to support her lymphatic system.

The course of treatment recommended for Jade was to 5 CryoSlimming sessions as her overall goal was overall fat reduction. The treatments were started off focusing on the front stomach for the first two sessions. By the third session the therapist then moved to focus on the sides as well.

Whilst the loss between each session fluctuated (likely due to hormone imbalance or stress due to work affecting hormones) the overall belly fat reduction at the end of the 5 treatments was 3 inches, from 35.5” to 32.5”.

As the before and after pictures below show also the skin is smoother and lifted. Jade was very happy with her belly fat reduction results, especially as it dropped her down a jean size.

before and after 4 pics Client E

Client F - Faye

Faye is a fit, healthy active woman, who was looking to focus her treatments on the increasing cellulite and slightly looser skin on the back of her thighs, bottom and hips.

5 CryoToning treatments were carried out focusing on these areas and results were just what she wanted. You can see in Faye’s before and after pictures, a reduction in cellulite, softened lines and tighter skin.

Client G - Sian

Like every woman after hitting 40 finds, the neck and décolletage is generally an area that becomes a new problem area. Sian wanted a one off Facial to focus on this area specifically. These before and after pictures show that just one session can give the skin a boost, making it look smoother and less wrinkled. Perfect treatment to give you that boost before any big event.

Face and Neck before and after

We hope these before and after fat freezing pictures have given you a taster of the kind of fat freezing results that you could experience.

As you can see for yourself the results that you can achieve with Cryostar’s fat freezing technology can be tailored to suit your requirements and desired outcome.

To find out more and discuss what treatments would be best suited for you, go to our location finder and book in for a FREE consultation near you to see how Cryostar can help #shapethebodyyouwant

Emma - UK Trainer

*Some of the names have been changed for privacy