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What's the difference between Cryostar Treatments and Cryochambers?

It’s a question we’re often asked, which treatment is the right Cryo treatment for me? Should I choose Cryostar, the sculpting non-surgical fat freezing treatment? Or plunge into a Cryo chamber for a surge of adrenaline, the feel-good factor as well as an abundance of other beauty benefits…

Cryochamber – The three-minute feel good self-care treatment

Here’s a little about the Cryotherapy chamber: it’s a celebrity and professional-athlete endorsed treatment – you’ll often see or hear about professional footballers, or those recovering from injury enjoying its benefits as it aids with muscle recovery.

If you’re not au fait with Cryotherapy’s mood-boosting properties – it’s time to plummet yourself into sub-zero temperatures for up to three minutes.

The first minute is acclimatising to the chilly temps and the last two are where there the magic ‘fight or flight’ response happens.

Not at any point is it horrible, challenging perhaps – but the after effects outweigh any shriek inducing ‘brrrr’ moments!

It may sound unpleasant as you read the words ‘sub-zero’, but the chilly chamber triggers the fight or flight responses, which will give your body a surge of adrenaline to release the feel-good endorphins.

The chamber will leave you feeling invigorated and rejuvenate. It will help aid weight loss, pain and inflammation and gives you an all over superwoman/superman kind of feeling.

Imagine that first morning coffee x 10, without the anxious feeling. Or if coffee isn’t your thing, that feeling you get when you take your shoes off after a long day and indulge in a bar of chocolate – THAT GOOD!

There is an abundance of benefits of the chamber which include factors such as weight loss and cellulite reduction, but on top of that, the treatment can Increase collagen, enhance muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation.

If you suffer with insomnia it can help with sleep improvement and stress reduction. But as aforementioned it gives the most important aspect, a boost of positive feel-good endorphins to help you feel and be your best… until the next hit!

Cryostar – the thirty-minute fat buster and skin tightener

Cryostar on the other hand, is predominantly a localised treatment focused on helping you shift stubborn fat pockets and help with the appearance of cellulite – in as little as 30 minutes.

It’s the convenient non-surgical fat-loss treatment with absolutely no down time and it's so quick and easy you can do it in your lunch break.

Cryostar's state of the art technology cools the skin just enough to reduce fat whilst improving the appearance of the skin – you can lose an inch or more in as little as one session.

The purpose of this one is to lower the temperature of fat cells enough to break the fat cells down without harming surrounding tissue.

Unlike other targeted fat treatments, it has all the belly busting benefits without any side effects at all – it is akin to having a massage and many people find it relaxing, and comfortable! With this treatment you’re not in a chamber, but a machine is used by a cryo expert therapist to get the desired cool (very cold) temperature in order to start the fat/toning process.

Cryostar uses an effect called the Peltier effect which gives the machine complete temperature control to create the perfect condition to reduce fat without damaging the skin or tissue.

As the Cryostar treatments are localised and focused on the areas each client wants to treat, results are visible and your desired outcome can be met in just a few sessions. Check out some real life case studies here.

Like the Cryochamber the only real similarity is that both products use sub-zero temperatures for effective and incredible results.

Many other treatments touted as fat loss and cellulite busters can actually damage the skin, but the Cryostar Is completely non-invasive and uses science and your body's natural lymphatic system to work effectively.

The Cryostar facial works in the same way, using the sub-zero temps to garner incredible toning results. It’s designed for the face and neck area to help with elasticity and firmness, and again, works in tandem to contour the face and help give the face a ‘lift’ where it has laxity.


Photo Credit: Tobi @ Renuvenate

So, in conclusion, Cryochambers and localised Cryostar treatments work well together. If you want a quick blast of overall feel good factor, or if you are looking to boost muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, a Cryochamber session will be the thing. If reducing stubborn pockets of fat, toning up and reducing cellulite is top of your agenda, or if less wrinkles and more radiant looking skin is your bag – we’d say hop on in for a fortnightly cryostar session. For best overall results you could combine a course of Cryostar Treatments and some Cryochamber sessions. One of our partners, Tobi at Renuvenate is an expert in both areas and has a Cryochamber Tank. Check out his clinic and out get in touch for a free consultation if you're nearby.

Feel the fantastic results of the freeze!