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Customisable technology-led treatments on our radar this month

CryoFacial X HydraFacial = SKIN HEALTH

The demand for skin resurfacing and rejuvenating procedures has progressively increased in the last decade and has sparked several advances within the skin resurfacing field that promote faster healing while minimizing downtime and side effects for patients.

Cryostar is a non-invasive tech that can be used on the face* and body to freeze and reduce fat, address stubborn cellulite and boost collagen and REJUVENATE skin. The HydraFacial is another non-invasive machine that can work hand in hand with the CryoFacial delivering ultimate results in RESURFACING - their ethos is Skin Health which sits inline with our own brand for achieving healthy goals.

Some might say that the HydraFacial is a more advanced, medical grade version of Microdermabrasion - to give you some idea of how it ‘works’. Not only will it exfoliate/resurface the skin (like Microdermabrasion does) the HydraFacial can be exactly customisable to your specific skin type including ‘wet treatments’ via the machine. These include serums such as antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to further along the facial results and target specific concerns.

Some of the wet treatment serums have been specifically developed for HydraFacial by well known skincare brands such as Murad and Circadia - both offer a homecare range...

Is it the ultimate facial combination? We think so, yes.

Cryostar is the sister company of Cryoskin in the USA, they currently have over 100 retail partners across America combining these two treatments and their customers love it!

Hydrafacial Machine

Benefits of a HydraFacial followed with a CryoFacial (3-4 days after without peel):

HydraFacial focuses on providing the deep cleansing of the skin, using various techniques for exfoliation, hydration, extraction and with add-on extras for antioxidant protection. This will complement the benefits of the CryoFacial which enhances the skin's collagen and elastin production whilst also oxygenating the blood flow resulting in a great anti-ageing treatment used to help with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with additional toning support for crepey skin.

If you alternate the devices in your skin care package you are covering all of these areas of concern:

Improves the appearance of:

  • Oily, acne-prone skin
  • Dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged and clogged pores
  • Inflamed skin tissue
  • Reduce sebum production
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin

If your local skincare specialist doesn't offer the HydraFacial to combine with your CryoFacial then ask if they offer Microdermabrasion. They will need to leave 5 days after a Microdermabrasion treatment to then proceed with the CryoFacial - the results although not as intense as a HydraFacial will be instantly recognisable.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and Skin Base Microdermabrasion systems are clinically proven to offer a safe, controlled method of superficial peeling. A flow of crystals will impinge directly onto the skin's surface. The speed of the crystals together with their abrasive nature can gently remove the epidermal cells layer by layer and RESURFACE the skin.

Body work… if you have any body scarring, stretch marks, post op scarring or just want body polishing to create a more even skin tone then Microdermabrasion is the most precise way to address these specific areas. You can then follow with a body CryoToning session that will widen the blood vessels and increase oxygen supply. This boosts collagen production, which breaks down cellulite, leaving you with smooth, dimple free skin.

*The CryoFacial uses the toning technique to boost collagen and ultimately reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst lifting.

Coming soon - at home products and routines we recommend for skin barrier repair and maintenance. Addressing facial and body resurfacing via machine work can be continued at home using various products, we are compiling a list of recommendations.

Karen | Operations Director