At home spa


4 Ways to engage your senses and improve your Mental Health

KAREN | Operations Director

Another month (at least) of being at home, we need to keep our minds positive and discover new ways to feel energised and our bodies feeling revitalised. I like to call it feeding into your soul. There are so many chances for our negative ego to take over whilst stuck in this situation so here are a few suggestions to help focus and reset.

girl with green face mask
cucumber water


Why not recreate a home spa environment to destress and recharge our bodies and minds whilst giving our skin a bit of TLC.

Going to a spa feels so special because all five of your senses are engaged at the same time.

Set the mood with;

  • Candles
  • Soothing music
  • Soft lighting
  • A cosy robe and slippers
  • A glass of cucumber water

It may sound simple, but these little add-ons are what make even the most mundane DIY beauty rituals feel special and spa-like.


Getting the blood moving around your body is one of the best ways to feel energised and to contour your body whilst promoting fat reduction in arms and thighs.

So many professional body treatments involve this technique, which is easy to do at home. Hop in the shower, but before you turn on the water, grab a body brush and brush in short, circular strokes. Move upward, toward the direction of your heart. Dry brushing exfoliates, improves circulation, and can help make skin look smoother.

Click here for our favourite body brush by Elemis.

*recommended once a week


Fruits are the best natural and easiest to get ingredients for at-home treatments. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids, the best natural ingredients for DIY facial treatments.

All of that goodness mixed with what we know the properties of Ice Therapy/cooling does for your skin makes for perfect instant skin pick me up.

Freeze your chosen fruit into large round moulds (orange, lime, berries – whatever you have) with a little water, pulp and all and once frozen apply to the face in circular motions. The main benefits you’ll experience are…

  • Refresh the face and de-stress
  • Fight acne and heal blemishes
  • Promote blood circulation, thereby giving skin a healthier rejuvenated appearance
  • Improve the tone and texture of the skin
  • No harsh chemicals or preservatives
  • Suitable even for the most sensitive skin

These ice moulds are a brilliant size!

wax melts


Not only do wax melts have much longer burn times vs candles they are also much more cost effective. Most wax melts are made using soy so are also safer to burn in your home especially with children as no paraffin is used.

The wonderful Mrs Hinch got me into them last lockdown and now they are part of my daily ritual. Koko Rose Wax Co has some beautiful burners and uses the finest eco soy wax, vegan and cruelty free fragrance oil and biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter.

These are small suggestions to add to your self care routine. Making daily changes are important and beneficial to mental health awareness and your wellbeing.