Ease soreness and discomfort, soothe inflammation, and improve recovery.

Cryo Soothe Three Edit

Heal your body naturally

Combining cold and heat therapy in targeted areas, CryoSoothe™ treatments will improve pliability of the muscles and joints, and help reduce the inflammation, pain and ultimately allow the body to heal. CryoSoothe™ works by applying heat to increase muscle relaxation, and blood flow and support natural healing while the cold helps reduce inflammation and discomfort and can reach below the superficial muscles.

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Treat a variety of concerns

CryoSoothe™ treats a variety of universal concerns, including the easing of short, mid, and long-term discomfort, supporting improvement in athletic performance and recovery, increased effectiveness of combined bodywork therapies, as well as targeted protocols focusing specifically on the head, neck, and joints.

Cryo Soothe Two Edit

What To Expect

A sequence of cold therapy will be applied with the Cryostar® wand,  followed by a short sequence of heat therapy. Focusing on the targeted area of concern the therapist will glide the wand across the skin, followed by their hand, to ease pain, discomfort and inflammation. This can feel like a gentle massage with an ice cube. Sessions can last between 10-30 mins depending on the area of concern. As the treatment is non-invasive with no downtime, these treatments can be carried out in your lunch break.

"Throughout Dr. Minniear’s testing, participants reported a greater than 38% reduction in pain, and at least 57% self-reported protocol effectiveness.”

One Device. Four Amazing Treatments.

CryoFacial™, CryoToning®, CryoSlimming® and CryoSoothe™ treatments can be combined or alternated for the ultimate results. Lose inches, tone skin, reduce wrinkles and ease soreness with one device.