Clinical Results

A clinical study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of Cryostar over the course of 5 sessions.



The study was carried out with 16 participants at the Societé Francaise d'Accreditation Santé in Paris, France by Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison.



15 out of 16 of those studied experienced a significant reduction in waistline measurement. This group of 15 subjects showed an average reduction of 1.85 inches. Ultrasound scans showed that the average reduction in subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) was 18.96% in the treated area.

Less Fat

Less Fat. But How Much?

Results showed a 50% reduction in the appearance of cellulite without pinching, a 36.6% reduction in cellulite with pinching and a 26.7% reduction of belly fat. These results show how much the appearance of fat and cellulite were reduced according to clinical observation methodology.

How Effective Is Cryostar?

100% of those studied experienced improved skin quality. 87.5% experienced a positive reshaping effect and 43.8% of people appeared less fat overall. Interviews with participants found similar results.


Appeared less fat overall.


Showed an improvement in skin quality.


Showed an improvement in shape.

In conclusion, Cryostar is effective for improving the quality of skin, including reducing cellulite and "orange peel". The overall silhouette of those studied was improved, however although Cryostar does contribute to reduced levels of fat beneath the skin, it should not be viewed as a "weight loss" device.

Participant Views

The Cryostar study included clinically accepted methods of interviewing subjects to see how they felt about the results. Although some were worried that the treatment would be painful, in fact the majority of people fount it to be relaxing.

Found the treatment to be more effective than other similar types


Would like to engage in regular treatments


Felt that the treatment was worth the time invested


Found the treatment relaxing


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