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Our Mission Statement

To bring today’s top beauty devices to the U.K. market with the aim of building a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their customers to be confident in their own skin.

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About Us.

Cryostar® Beauty is the sister company of Cryoskin™, headquarters in New York City and retailers across the whole of America. All of our machines are manufactured in Milan, Italy - the heart of the beauty manufacturing world. Our HQ is based in London, with our dedicated team’s collective experience of over 20 years experience in Tech, Beauty and Customer Services. We are ready to support you each step of the way in delivering the latest Cryostar® Beauty Tech to your clients.


Our non-invasive fat reduction technology allows you to tailor treatments to suit your clients needs. Whether they want to reduce cellulite on their legs, reduce fat around their face or want overall body contouring, Cryostar® Beauty Tech will empower you to achieve the results they desire.

We have partners across the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and offer demonstrations and training at your location.


Dean Snook - VP, Customer Experience